Client: National Gallery of Victoria

Project category: Civic

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Status: Competition 2016


The National Gallery of Victoria’s Architecture Commission is an annual commission for a temporary pavilion within the Grollo Equiset Garden at the NGV. Our scheme proposes a journey through the garden, a narrative which responds inherently with the existing site conditions and expands upon them, drawing the visitor into a new relationship with their surroundings and providing a platform for a variety of uses and experiences.


It is at its core, a path which navigates the key features of the garden; the sculptures, the trees, the water misters and the views beyond the site and in doing so it elevates the garden setting by inviting visitor on a journey to experience the delights of the garden and its artworks.


The culmination of this path is the amphitheatre, which provides a space for events, a playground for children, or casual seating for a social rendezvous.